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Our latest development has been to launch the GDI LED sheet. This latest range of LED light sheets will come in a range of colours and custom sizes. GDI Chairman Colin Pestell said “we have been looking to bring a good quality light sheet to the market for some time now, we believe that the GDI LED Sheet will be of a superior quality to the other light sheets available on the market, due to our experience in developing these products and the fact that it is made in the UK and not overseas. This means we can control the quality and ensure that the best components are used.

The GDI LED Sheet provides an even illumination across the panel, which has been the Achilles heel of a lot of LED light sheets currently on the market. This is achieved through internally etched light scattering Microgrooves. This gives complete diffusion of light across the panel and means there are no dark patches, just a rich consistent illumination. Also, because the panels are made in-house it means that the costs are very competitive and the timescales are fast, (typically 5-10 working days).

LED Light Sheet